ConnectMiles PreferMembers get to experience the most highly-prized status benefits available to frequent travellers. Learn more about the many ways of upgrading cabin class on Copa Airlines and Star Alliance flights.

ConnectMiles Tips

Complimentary Upgrades are exclusive for ConnectMiles PreferMembers.

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Complimentary Upgrade

Complimentary Upgrades are processed automatically when space is available for our PreferMembers on flights operated by Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia.

Confirmation times depend on your PreferMember Status:

PreferMember Status Confirmation (as early as)
Presidential 120 hours or 5 Days
Platinum 72 hours or 3 Days
Gold 48 hours or 2 Days
Silver Day of Departure of the flight

PreferMembers will be eligible for a Complimentary Upgrade if:

  • The member is alone in a reservation.

  • The member has included their ConnectMiles number in the reservation.

  • There is space available in business class.

Besides the Complimentary PreferProgram Upgrade, PreferMembers travelling on Y, B, or M fares may be eligible for a complimentary upgrade as early as 144 hours or 6 days based on availability on the upgrade class (Z).

Companion Policy

One travel companion with the same itinerary (origin and destination) as the PreferMember is eligible for the Complimentary Upgrade. The PreferMember will designate the companion at the airport during the check-in process. The companion will be added to the upgrade standby list at the airport and will have the same priority as the PreferMember.

Award Ticket Eligibility

Presidential PreferMembers who are flying Economy with tickets bought with miles on a Standard Award (G class) may be eligible for complementary upgrades depending on the availability of the flight, after finalizing the upgrade process of regular tickets.

*We recommend you verify the class of your miles ticket to confirm if your ticket is eligible for a complementary upgrade.

Terms & Conditions

Upgrades are subject to the availability on upgrade class (Z) and are not necessarily tied to actual capacity of the Business Class.

The award miles, qualifying miles, and qualifying segments earned are based on the fare class of the ticket originally purchased, not the upgraded class. Other restrictions may apply.

Terms and conditions and any other information are subject to change without prior notification.