Our airline partnerships and other strategic alliances let you earn and use your miles in an extensive global network.

ConnectMiles Tips

Make sure to include your ConnectMiles number on every travel reservation with Copa Airlines to begin earning miles.

Our Partners

Star Alliance

Star Alliance is the leading global airline network, with the highest number of member airlines, daily flights, destinations and countries. As a member of ConnectMiles you can earn and use your miles on all flights operated by a member airline. Additionally, these miles will qualify for PreferMember status in ConnectMiles which will let you enjoy even more exclusive benefits.

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Other Airline Partners

Copa Airlines’ strategic partnership with other airlines offers you even more possibilities to earn and use your ConnectMiles.

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Other Partners

Our key partnerships with banks, hotels, car rental companies and others, enhance your ConnectMiles experience by offering you opportunities to increase your miles balance and receive special service benefits.

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